When It Comes To Risk Tolerance Questionnaires, It’s Time To Look At Facts Over Feelings.

TIFIN Risk helps advisors with compliance, prospecting, and client retention by calculating and comparing three risk scores: risk capacity, risk preference, and portfolio risk. All with a short, user-friendly questionnaire.

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Why multiple scores? 

Risk preference alone is often emotions-based and reflective of an individual’s tolerance for risk at a specific moment in time. Risk capacity is the amount of risk investors can actually take on, given their current life situation.


Risk Capacity

How much risk the investor can or can not take given their current life situation – ability to take risk.


Risk Preference

How much risk the investor is willing to take.


Portfolio Risk

The portfolio risk score should fall between the risk preference and risk capacity scores.

Why TIFIN Risk?

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Client Friendly Experience

  • With nine short questions, your clients will complete the survey in just a few minutes.
  • Convert prospects faster by showing how their current portfolio is not within their Risk Band
  • Retain more clients by offering a relatable questionnaire
  • Prospecting links for your website, newsletter, or email signature
  • Custom proposals for your meetings

A Questionnaire Design For Suitability

  • Our multi-dimensional questionnaire was designed to assist with Regulation Best Interest and other compliance needs
  • Automatic archiving of risk questionnaires and scores
  • Quantitative testing methodologies built by leading experts in the financial industry
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