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Retirement Planning Software for Advisors

Intelligent and Scalable Retirement Planning Software

Give investors the personalized attention they deserve without losing a beat. TIFIN Plan’s conversational AI technology provides custom guidance and education based on specific user inputs, freeing up your time while building rapport with clients. Grow your business with the best scalable retirement planning software for advisors in the industry–software that’s specifically designed to support your business’s growth. And software is just the beginning, our platform helps you answer questions across a client’s lifecycle.

Answer Urgent Retirement Questions in Less Time

Ask investors the right questions at the right times to yield actionable results. Our AI-driven software parses common retirement planning questions, gathers data, then proposes a plan in real-time–no lengthy questionnaires, and no paperwork. In minutes, advisors receive key insights and suggestions for next steps: guidance they can present to investors with confidence.

Am I on track to retire?

One of the most common investor questions about retirement is whether your client is on track to retire at their goal age. Advisors who deeply understand the trajectory of their clients’ life journeys are well-positioned to provide personalized retirement plans.

retirement planner software
retirement planner software

How should I allocate across my employer’s retirement accounts?

Employer retirement account allocations are key factors in most retirement strategies. Our conversational AI draws on third-party data to help advisors stay informed and prepared to answer investor questions about funds, risk, diversification and best practices for long-term strategies.

What age will I achieve a target portfolio balance of $X?

Keep investors on track and on target to achieve short- and long-term balance goals. TIFIN Plan makes it possible with optimization settings that enable advisors to achieve a 75% chance of achieving clients’ desired wealth. Glean insight into growth and deliver peace of mind as needed.

retirement planning software for advisors

Analyze Client Data in Minutes

Spend less time crunching numbers and more time growing your business. Our “Optimizer” engine recommends adjustments to keep your client on track for time-based goals (and always within their risk band, when paired with TIFIN Risk for an optimized core portfolio). Quickly analyze client data and accounts for critical factors that could affect their retirement plans: personal capital, age, location, debt, savings and more, freeing up your time. 

Show Immediate Value and Generate Customized Retirement Plans that Build Trust

Ensure every client receives the personalized financial guidance they need to retire well with TIFIN Plan. With a holistic view of every investors’ financial outlook, it’s easy to check and adjust plans as needed – before your clients ever have to ask.

Generate highly custom retirement plans based on inputs that hone in one investors’ concerns, build rapport, strengthen client relationships and secure your practice’s future for generations to come.

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