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As a retirement plan advisor, you have access to thousands of retirement plan participants who need help beyond their 401(k). Make the most of your access by implementing TIFIN Plan at Work. Our platform empowers you to build trust and deepen your relationships with employees, a powerful tool for growing your practice.

Plan Sponsors also benefit by enhancing their services to employees to drive satisfaction and retention, leading to a win-win relationship. Adding this additional financial wellness offering will allow you to win new retirement plan clients and keep existing ones satisfied. 

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TIFIN Plan at Work allows you to deliver personalized, quality plans that recognize that goals go far beyond retirement. Show immediate value with prospects by meeting people where they are in their life’s journey. Answer each person’s most critical financial questions, and address issues that may get in the way of retirement. Plan scenarios may address:

  • Emergency Funds 
  • Debt Management
  • Budgeting
  • Family Planning
  • And more
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The differentiator? Our financial planning software uses the latest in conversational AI technology to reach answers and create plans in a fraction of the time required by other platforms. By leveraging TIFIN Plan at Work with a company’s employee base, advisors may quickly start building trust without sacrificing the quality of their services, allowing for scalable impact.

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