Increase Investment Engagement Through Financial Personality

Our proprietary financial personality framework helps wealth managers uncover each prospect’s intrinsic wants and create customized investment strategies.

Gain a Full Picture of Your Prospects

Discover what makes every prospect unique. Our AI-driven financial personality engine help advisors efficiently drive new client growth by discovering every individual’s unique financial personality, unlocking hyper-personalized proposals and portfolio opportunities.
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Benefits to Wealth Management Firms

  • Utilize a platform that will drive new flows to your home office model
  • Manage advisor oversight and implementation of best practices
  • Differentiated offering to help recruit new advisors through best-in-class technology

Better Understanding, Better Outcomes

Four dominant traits define every client’s financial personality. By learning what drives their decisions and what they care about, you can create customized portfolios and happier clients.

Touch Icon

Touch investors have a strong desire for meaningful relationships. Touch is all about the how, why and what of relationships interacting with investors.

Security Square Icon

Security investors believe it’s important to know they have enough invested to meet their goals and that their financial future is well taken care of.

Purpose Icon

Purpose Investors place significant importance on meaning. Investing is not just about returns, but also a big way they can have a positive impact on the world around them. 

Viewpoints Icons

Viewpoint Investors see investing as a way to satisfy and test their natural intellectual curiosity. They often have a desire to express their world views through their investments.

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