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Helping wealth managers grow their businesses through investment personalization at scale.

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The TIFIN Grow platform was designed to help advisors understand their prospect’s fears, needs, and wants through risk, planning and personality assessments. Advisors may then act on assessment findings to create hyper-personalized and intelligent investment proposals. 

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Intelligent, fact-based risk tolerance via three risk scores to protect your prospects.
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Conversational, AI-based planning that answers a prospect’s most pressing financial questions.

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A scientific psychological assessment that identifies a prospect’s intrinsic financial motivations.

Understand, Align, & Retain Net New Clients


Our risk, planning, and personality assessments are an easy way to understand the fears, needs, and wants of potential clients.

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Manage client portfolios through sophisticated next best action prompts and investment automations that streamline your firm’s workflows, deliver personalized results, and better client outcomes.


Engage on a deeper level with prospects by building tailor-made investment proposals that connect back to their unique investment requirements. 

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TIFIN Grow helps financial advisors create hyper-personalized, intelligent investment proposals for their prospects by matching portfolios to an individual’s risk, planning, and financial personality insights.

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