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RIA Tech Platform Needs Have Evolved

As with many other services–social media, music and entertainment, for example–today’s investors demand boutique experiences from their financial advisors. Not only are RIAs expected to deliver these experiences, they must do so while navigating several challenges: limited time, insufficient staff and outdated technology.

TIFIN Plan was created to help the modern registered investment advisor stay agile and delight investors with personalized guidance. Grow your practice and forge long-term client relationships with an intelligent, scalable and AI-based financial planning software solution.

RIA Software That Saves Time, Builds Trust and Converts Business

RIA software that saves time and builds trust
  • Grow your practice with scalable, intelligent RIA software
  • Attract new clients and strengthen existing client relationships
  • Transition from outdated legacy systems and modernize your firm
  • Support investors’ goals–and dreams–with personalized guidance
  • Meet clients on their level and secure business for generations to come

Modernize Your Approach to Prospecting

Meeting clients the traditional ways isn’t always an option, especially for the next generation of investors. For them, major decisions are made in digital spaces – and with a keen focus on their unique needs, abilities, and goals. Don’t miss your chance to access this market. TIFIN Plan helps RIAs deliver the personalized, boutique planning experience younger investors expect while enhancing the quality and level of services for current clients by meeting them where they are in their lifecycle – whether that’s buying a home or learning more about their HSA or charitable giving. 

Engage the Next Generation of Investors

Millennials are poised to inherit trillions of dollars, but not all of them are ready to dive into complex retirement plans just yet. Keep things simple and straightforward with TIFIN Plan’s unique investor questionnaire. With over 15 modules, it’s a boon for clients (and RIAs) short on time. The platform’s conversational AI requires fewer inputs to get to key info, building bite-sized, precision plans for many different financial goals in less time. The platform remembers prior inputs, allowing you to build upon what you know about each client and prospect. 

Speak Directly to Clients’ Goals and Dreams

Understanding clients’ pain points is essential to building out plans that address their most immediate goals. RIAs who use TIFIN Plan have the benefit of natural-language questionnaires that hone in on not just retirement, but budgeting, saving, taxes, and other common concerns. Find out exactly what current and prospective clients want and come prepared with actionable plans for every conversation.

Why Your RIA Needs TIFIN Plan

What are you doing to attract and retain the next generation of investors your practice needs to be successful? TIFIN Plan supports RIAs on their journeys to strengthen client relationships and secure generational business. What could be an easier way to get to know your clients’ children?

Easily Integrate With Your Existing Tech Stack

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The success of your business depends on satisfying your existing clients – and acquiring new ones.

Picture your ideal financial planning client. Chances are, it’s not a Gen Z prospect with a low (or negative) net worth.
Potential clients have plenty of options when they shop around for a financial planner. So, when they book a prospecting call with you, you need to wow them from the start.

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