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Investment personalization at scale


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Intelligent, fact-based risk analysis


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AI-driven conversational financial planning


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Scientific financial personality assessments


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Personalized investment research and proposals


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Personalized donor advised funds


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AI-powered turnkey growth marketing

Private Markets

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Direct access to private market investments


Helping wealth managers grow their businesses through investment intelligence and personalization at scale.

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Intelligent, fact-based risk tolerance via three risk scores to protect your prospects.

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Conversational, AI-based micro-planning that answers your prospect’s most pressing financial questions.
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A scientific psychological assessment that identifies your prospect’s intrinsic financial motivations.
AI + Human powered communications and growth marketing platform for advisors to engage their clients and prospects.
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A platform to introduce charitable giving into your business through personalized DAFs to engage the entire family and giving aligned investing.
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A platform providing direct access to high-quality alternative investments at institutional pricing and reduced minimums.
TIFIN Invest Powered by Magnifi
Go from prospect to proposal in minutes. Lightning-fast, personalized investment proposals powered by AI and investment intelligence.