Clout’s Bespoke Content Offerings

Want to connect and engage with your audience more? Clout’s AI-guided, bespoke subscription content is designed to grow your firm, while keeping it top-of-mind with your clients and prospects. The result: more leads, more referrals, and deeper relationships.

Custom Content Illustration

Basic Subscription
$1,000 per month*

  • 1 blog article with an accompanying social media tile for social promotion


  • 1 monthly custom 700 to 800-word newsletter


  • 1 video (remote capture, up to 2 mins.)**

Premium Subscription $2,500 per month*

  • 2 blog articles or a biweekly 700 to 800-word newsletter with accompanying social media tiles for social promotion


  • 1 infographic (5-7 data points), 1 video (remote capture, up to 2 mins.)** and 1 blog article with accompanying social media tiles for social promotion

* A minimum six-month subscription investment is required to take advantage of Clout’s Bespoke Content Offerings.

** (i) Infographics that summon more than the amount of data points designated above are subject to an additional cost and (ii) videos shot on location are subject to custom pricing that will be inclusive of travel and per diem fees.

Have a specific written, video or design need for your firm that you’d like to explore? A campaign that you’d like to launch to target a specific audience? Clout welcomes the opportunity to discuss your strategy to see how we can best support your goals. Schedule a complimentary consultation  by emailing .

Computer and custom content illustration