Charitable Giving for Wealth Enterprises

TIFIN Wealth is redefining charitable giving through AI-powered personalization and family engagement. TIFIN Wealth Charitable Giving empowers wealth enterprises to grow their practices by engaging clients and prospects with a multi-generational digital charitable giving platform.

As more investors incorporate philanthropy into their financial plans, there is an increasing demand for advisors offering charitable planning services.

TIFIN Wealth Charitable Giving brings the proven tax efficiency of Donor Advised Funds into the modern era to maximize clients’ charitable impact while empowering firms to build multi-generational relationships.

Deepen client relationships

and retention by bringing philanthropy into the advising experience. Advisors play a pivotal role in helping families create, plan and manage their multi-generational giving through DAFs.


Engage and educate families

continually on philanthropic giving over time, avoiding a “one and done” approach to family philanthropic planning.

Improve digital offering

with an end-to-end giving solution that aligns client investment portfolios with their philanthropic initiatives through algorithmic thematic tilts.

For Advisors

Enterprise wealth firms use TIFIN Wealth Charitable Giving to make philanthropy a pillar of their financial planning and investment strategies.

Their network of advisors grow their practices by accelerating prospecting with high-net-worth households, deepening existing client relationships and developing new relationships with multi-generational heirs.

Charitable Giving For Advisors

For Clients

Families and individuals use TIFIN Wealth Charitable Giving to seamlessly collaborate across multiple generations to impact the social causes they care about most. Donors can research over 1.5 million organizations, allocate grants and champion causes – all through a single digital experience that looks and feels like their advisory firm.

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