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Orion Adds TIFIN Risk, LifeYield To Portfolio Management Software

Orion Adds TIFIN Risk, LifeYield To Portfolio Management Software

Orion Advisor Technology, which offers portfolio management software for financial advisors, is now integrating the TIFIN Risk Investment Life Scoring Tool within its client portal, as well as the LifeYield household portfolio management solution.


TIFIN Risk analyzes clients’ risk preferences and capacities. Its interface gives clients a questionnaire and view of their risk scores on desktops or mobile devices.


The integration makes it easy for advisors on Orion’s platform to review a client’s scores and make investment recommendations and investment policy statements.

LifeYield, meanwhile, offers software for multi-account, tax-smart portfolio management. Embedded in the platform is the company’s “Taxficient Score,” which helps advisors quantify the financial benefits of improved asset location.

LifeYield uses data stored in the Orion platform, and its reports include the Taxficient Score and suggestions for how to adjust asset locations to reduce client tax exposure. Advisors can also manually take those reports back to Orion’s trading platform, Eclipse, for swift execution.

TIFIN Risk is headquartered in Atlanta and Los Angeles, LifeYield in Boston. Orion is based in Omaha, Neb.

American Portfolios Launches Digital Prospecting Tool
American Portfolios Financial Services Inc., an independent broker-dealer headquartered in Holbrook, N.Y., has launched BlueDock, a digital practice management prospecting and back office tool to help advisors acquire new clients.

BlueDock streamlines both practice management and back office functions by engaging prospective and existing clients in the data-gathering process. Established and prospective clients, along with their family members, receive e-mail or direct-link invitations to explore or review their financial goals using a series of calculators that help them plan for retirement, college expenses, wealth management or the purchase of a home.

Once advisors have established a business relationship with a prospective client, they can use the data collected to create a new account form in American Portfolios’ STARS business processing system without having to retype the information.

Fidelity Introduces First HSA For Financial Intermediaries
Fidelity Investments now offers the industry’s only full-service health savings account (HSA) for financial intermediaries.

An HSA is a tax-advantaged medical savings account that can help investors pay for qualified medical expenses. HSAs offer a triple tax advantage: contributions are tax-deductible, investors can spend their money on qualified medical expenses tax-free and any growth is tax-free.

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