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Converting Prospects Through Simple Retirement Planning

Whether a you can retire when you want to is top of mind for pretty much anybody in the workforce today.


If you’re like many advisors and limited by a laborious and costly planning platform, you probably don’t have time to run a plan for all of your prospects. Fortunately, there is a simpler way to provide a plan, add immediate value to prospects and less complex clients in a third of the time. 

Let’s look at a potential client scenario using actual inputs and outputs from TIFIN Plan.

The Situation

Meet your client’s daughter, Laura. You’re looking to engage with her, but have your paraplanner focused on your existing clients. You would like to show immediate value to solidify the relationship. She’s a 36 year old lawyer living in West Chester, Pennsylvania, with her husband, Brad, 40. Together, they earn about $265,000 each year. They spend roughly $114,000 annually to cover their living expenses. 

Currently, they have about $100,000 saved and contribute $4,000 per month ($48,000 annually) to their retirement accounts, investing the money in moderate assets. They plan to retire early in Florida at age 55. 

Can they do it?

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The Answer

TIFIN Plan quickly analyzes your client’s data and accounts for critical factors that can impact how much money they’ll need, such as their location, age, and current savings. In just a few seconds, you’ll be able to let Ben and Laura know if their plans to retire early are realistic. 

Unfortunately, Laura and her husband are not on pace to meet their goal. This is where you can come in to help them foster a content and fulfilling retirement if they make some adjustments to their retirement timeline, savings habits, or investments.

With a glance in the system, you can let Ben and Laura that they should: 

  • Delay their retirement age from 55 to 75.
  • Increase their saving rate by $40,333 from $48,000 to new $88,333 to get closer to meeting their goal by age 55.
  • Optimize their current investments with the the help of the platform. 

Laura and Brad thank you for your guidance, and you enjoy a new relationship as you share a guide them on how to better meet their goals. The key: you were able to make a meaningful connection without sacrificing a significant amount of time or the quality of your services. And the platform remembers your inputs for Laura, so you can help her with other goals that may be more top-of-mind for her age group, like saving for her son’s college education or buying a second home. 

With the time saved, you can now serve more clients and prospects.Intrigued? Book a TIFIN Plan demo today

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