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Why Conversational AI is a Must for Your Financial Planning Practice

Your clients and prospects expect a simple, digital solution to fulfill every need – including financial planning. That means you must embrace emerging technology to attract, retain, and serve them. To bring you up to date, we’ll discuss one of the latest trends – Conversational AI – and how you can use it to grow your practice.


Conversational AI: Defined

Conversational AI facilitates the exchange of messages (via speech or text) between computers and people.  A sophisticated chat experience can engage users in a natural and personalized chat. Conversational AI has improved client experiences across industries from health care to retail, and now Financial Services.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Automated software listens to your question or concern.
  2. Natural Language Processing software thinks over what you said.
  3. Advanced dialog management software formulates and delivers a response – in an instant.
  4. The cycle repeats until you complete the conversation and achieve your desired result. The system learns from every input you give it, to better serve you over time.

How Conversational AI Helps with Financial Planning

Financial planning can be time-consuming, but Conversational AI can streamline your overall workflow, helping you engage with your prospects and smaller clients faster and more intelligently. It can also help you increase customer satisfaction and scale your business. Through an automated conversation, the system collects data from your prospects and clients to allow you to create a personalized plan with ease. This automated and more natural “fact-finding” exercise can now happen 24×7, saving you time to focus more on the actual planning aspect. 

You can also use Conversational AI to collaborate with your clients and prospects during meetings or on the phone. Clients will appreciate the efficiency and insightfulness of the process. Prospects will be pleased that you can answer their questions not only quickly but effectively. Conversational AI can help you build trust with those you serve. It can also convert your prospects into clients and manage the planning for your growing client base.

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Where PlanIQ Comes In

PlanIQ is a user-friendly financial planning platform that’s powered by conversational AI. It facilitates collaboration with your prospects and clients so that you can help them navigate across varied life circumstances. Whether they’re saving for college or looking ahead to retirement, PlanIQ answers their questions quickly and intelligently, addressing their fears and encouraging their dreams.

The more your clients engage with the Conversational AI, the more it learns about them to provide exceptional experiences and answers. Every fact collected by the AI is remembered and can be used to build more intelligent plans faster. The chat is also complemented with an intuitive web-based platform to further present client plans, making it easy for you to go beyond the conversation and immediately into the best next action for your client.

Remember, we’re here to help. Book a  no-pressure PlanIQ demo today to learn more about how conversational AI can help you convert more prospects and serve more clients.

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